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    Hebrews 5:12-14 (KJV) "For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

    Proverbs 27:17 (KJV) "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."

    "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." Proverbs 25:11

    Every testimony of Jesus Christ working in someone's life is a life changing event that is supernaturally charged to change a person from A to Z & all for Christ's glory & honor to be showcased. It is a privelege to share a fantastic life changing testimony from Richard Tamang, here with you today.

    Childhood: I was born in a Buddhist family in Metalli Tea Garden, Dooars, the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas in the year 1945. Early memories were of beautiful fragrant tea gardens with fresh cool breezes, night times with fireflies dancing all over the Dooars and velvet purple skies studded with thousands of sparkling stars with the heavy fragrance of jasmine and magnolia hanging heavily in the air. At the age of three to four, I has a mild recollection of my mother taking me to visit her relatives in Mal Bazar where I was introduced to an oldish looking man whom she announced was my grandfather and two young youths as my uncles. My mother told me that my father had died before I was born. There was no contact and nothing is known about his family.

    My mother later remarried a tea planter and they moved to live in the big white bungalow. My sister Lily was born and later moved to Malaysia (known as Malaya in those days) My step father joined the rubber plantation in Malaysia. I grew up there and studied up to class 6.
    School days Mount Hermon School

    In 1959, I came to India to study at Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling, a missionary school started by an American missionary, Emma Knowles. It was an excellent boarding school. The teachers taught all subjects with creativity and enthusiasm. . Creative extracurricular activities enriched the school, so the children could grow in their sphere of talents to become greater graceful people. The missionaries were very clear that they would include the Bible and prayers in the school and all the Christian practices, lilting choruses and hymns in the assembly, Bible readings, and they taught scripture classes. They did not forcefully convert any child as only the Lord can draw people to Himself if they are willing, but they did open a way of thought of a higher life with God.

    On Sundays, chapel was compulsory for all students. Mrs. Murray, a very gifted music teacher, led the school choir. There was Hi C meetings for senior students, in the hostel. The wardens had fellowship and invited students to tea after the meetings. I had also joined the choir though I was not a very good singer, but rather liked the hymns and chorus they sang which touched my heart.

    My Marvelous Encounter with Christ and God Calls

    An interest in Christ was rising in my heart. One evening, I visited the principal Dr Rev D G Stewart, who was from New Zealand. I wanted to know more about Jesus, and so the principal talked to me about Jesus and gave me books to read and I also got a Bible. One day as I was reading the Bible, a verse caught my eye where Jesus claimed in John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me." This verse started questioning my young mind, how could it be possible, only through Jesus? What about other religions?" This verse started to eat me up. I would often sit in the night, at Fern Hill Hostel, the boys hostel which overlooked the rolling valley at night, a breathtaking sight with the valley being lit up with hundreds of lights twinkling, and even the silver stars studded on a clear night. I was thinking hard at those times, more and more about God.

    One night, I knelt down on the floor in the dormitory and prayed-without knowing how to pray, saying "Jesus if you are really God, appear in my dream." From then every night, I prayed this way.

    Then, one night Jesus came in my dream. I saw a beautiful green field with flowers growing and in the middle of the field , I saw a man wearing a long white robe with long hair. I saw him from the back and there I was kneeling in front of Him and He had placed His hand on my head and blessed me. When I awoke, I knew He was Jesus and He was really God. I had a deep sense of deep and a warmth filled my soul. In joy, I shared my dream with my principal, and told him I wanted to become Christian. The principal taught me the Bible and prayed for me and told me I needed baptism to be a Christian and to do so, I would need my parent's permission. So I wrote to my parents, but my stepfather wrote back in concern replying, "What will happen to your mother if anything should happen to her? Who will do her funeral rites, you are her eldest son, it is a no, no". I, however, kept insisting that I wanted to take baptism. After that, there was a chilling silence from home, no reply, for months no letter from home. Then I wrote a final firm letter, "I am taking baptism, who knows what will happen in the future!." I was baptized by Rev D G Stewart in the school's swimming pool on 13th Oct.1963. It was a blessed heart-warming day for me. This was the start of my Christian life with Jesus. My miracle was my salvation!

    I later met Lydia, a lovely lady, and we got married later. We had two children, Roshni and Eddie. Lydia much later in life became a powerful prayer warrior, interceding and praying for many and Roshni and Eddie too became strong in their faith in Christ.

    Kingdom of Light and Kingdom of Darkness

    Years later, when in Darjeeling, one time in the early hours of the morning at 3 a.m., I was awakened with the eerie sound of chanting and a dreadful presence filled the room. The presence I experienced was cold and frightening unlike the warm and calming presence of Jesus. The room's temperature was an icy chill. With that chill, a glass in the bedroom snapped and crashed into splinters. Shivering and afraid, I got out of bed to look out of the window at the sound that was coming below.

    Down the hill, I saw Jhakri's "witch doctors" (Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world) dressed in white, muttering their magical chants and doing black magic at that dead hour of night.

    I prayed, rebuking the evil and to my amazement, the room's temperature started to return to normal and the chanting dimmed. From that day on wards, I was impressed with the illumination of the fight in the battle of Christ against the Kingdom of Darkness, Satan's kingdom and the role as believers we have, the authority Christ has given us to rebuke evil when it confronts us.

    Ministry Years

    Over the years, I kept sharing my faith in Christ. My faith grew stronger and later in Darjeeling, I started Bible studies, held in the cozy wooden cottages over the hillsides. Often one could hear groups of people gathering and singing beautiful songs resounding over the hills. Due to the blessed ministry in the teaching the Word, and even people getting healed when prayed for, I was often asked to come and preach in a church.
    One Sunday in Darjeeling, I went to preach. Before starting, I sat in the vestry, and closed my eyes to pray. God had given me the gift of visions and in the vision, I saw a big brown color snake coiled up, but it's head could nöt be seen. I rebuked it but it did not move or go out. This had never happened before and I did not understand it. After the service, a member of their church brought a girl for prayer. When asked what the problem was, said she is not well. So as I began to pray, I heard a hissing sound. Then I knew immediately that this girl was possessed by an evil spirit, so I rebuked it to come out in Jesus name. I finally understood why the snake appeared in the vision and would not go, because it was in this girl. Next, I asked lady what happened with the girl. She told me that evening at prayer time this girl was also present, she is not a believer and while praying, she saw a dark shadow go out of her and the next morning, she was normal and professed her faith in Christ. There is power in Jesus name and He does hear prayers and help us in times of trouble!

    A Dream, A Warning, and A Healing

    Mr. Anthony, who lived on the Mount Hermon School premises had a bad dream early one morning. He dreamt he was bitten by a snake on his foot. He tried to shake away the uneasy feelings the dream evoked and went on with getting ready. He then started to climb up the hill. Suddenly something stung his leg. To his horror, he saw a snake, around 2 feet long, it was known to be a poisonous snake. It bit him on the same side of the foot as in the dream. Mr. Anthony managed to weakly call some passerby for help. A team of people managed to get him to the little hospital in Darjeeling town area, but unfortunately no antidote or serum was presently available for the poison for a number of hours. The doctors sadly shook their heads. Meantime I spoke with Mr. Anthony. Mr. Anthony finally shared that he had a similar dream in the morning, but perhaps he did not take much note of it or pray about it. It was a warning to prepare him to pray. I sat next to him and prayed earnestly. Mr. Anthony also prayed hard along with me. After a few minutes, Mr. Anthony symptomatically started to feel better, and he was fine later on, healed, and his faith in God grew stronger. Jesus heals us supernaturally when no medicine is available!

    Bijanbari Church, (UCNI, United Church of North India)

    Some years later, I was called to preach at (Bijanbair Church (UCNI), a little below Darjeeling. It was a warm pleasant town on the other side of the valley, where the Chota Ranget River rushed out of the River Teesta, which furiously flowed out from the snow mountains. The surrounding tea gardens across the valley made this a beautiful scenic place.

    That particular day, I went behind the little church to pray quietly. The church elders wanted to extend the little church. As I was praying, I saw a picture with closed eyes of a green tree, which was bound by green creepers up to the top. I prayed asking for interpretation and the Lord answered, "The church members have grown cold, there was division, unforgiveness, and gossip among the lady members in the church." I did share this with the church, and they agreed that it was true, this was happening and all prayed together, asking for forgiveness. The Presence of the Holy Spirit entered the congregation heavily and many people started crying and repenting and asking for forgiveness and embracing each other and love sprung out among them, with forgiveness flowing freely. This dramatic change led to the extension of the church. The Lord reveals the secrets of man's heart and sets us free when we repent!

    Bijanbari Church Revisit (UCNI, United Church of North India)

    In November 2011, after many years again, I was called to preach in the same church During the sermon, I looked up and noticed a young man bending his head on both his hands as if he was asleep, while the others were listening. After the service, I called the people to come up in front to the alter as I always request after service, asking them to come if they needed prayer. I noticed the young man also coming forward. On asking his name, he replied, "Moses" A grand regal name, I thought. I asked him, "What happened to you? "Did you sleep well or are you not well?" He also had not been sitting straight in the pew.

    Moses replied "I have a terrible backache and cannot sit straight for a moment. Even medicine don’t help."

    I replied, "I know the One who heals, put your faith in Him and I quote Exodus 15:26 "I am the Lord your healer." I then prayed for his back.

    The following Sunday, a pastor I knew was going to the same church to preach. I told him about the young man, Moses and his back problem. I asked the pastor to find out how Moses was feeling. Later, the pastor gave me the good news. After prayer, his years of crippling back pain was gone and he could once again sit straight. We all praised God for this marvelous healing. God heals supernaturally! Though Jesus, we get healing...

    My Son's Miraculous Escape

    In July 1990, my son Eddie had to go to Kolkota to give an entrance exam at the Don Bosco Technical Institute. After the examination, he was on his way back on the night bus to Siliguri from Kolkotta. For the return journey, he was not able to get any tickets due to the rush season. With great difficulty, he managed to get a ticket on a private bus and he got a ticket for the cabin seat number 1 which was meant only for their staff.

    Before the departure, there was a heated argument and shouting among the staff and ticket counter man for allotting seat number 1 to Eddie with the staff even fighting with Eddie shouting, "that is my seat". Eddie also decided not to fight back for the seat, and go with whatever they gave him. Finally a settlement was made and they managed to give Eddie a seat in the third row from the entrance door on the same side as the cabin seat. The bus traveled at high speed that night, racing over the bumpy highway from Koltotta to Siliguri. At around 2 a.m., the bus ran out of control and could not stop in time before it hit a huge diesel tanker that stood silently in the roadside. Eddie got up with a jolt to a huge screeching sound and the sound of glass breaking. He also heard heart-wrenching screams. He got up in shock, looking around It was a terrible bus crash though Eddie had minor injuries. He saw a man lying dead. To his horror, he saw it was the same man that had been quarreling for seat number 1, he had died in that seat, in a mangled position. Tremblingly, Eddie realized God protected him. He stood in awe, sorry for the dead man, but in awe of the great God who was watching over him, knowing that our daily family prayers in our home protected him.

    We pray daily as a family, praying for each member and all our known people and for many, many other people in distress. This powerful life of prayer builds for us a fence of protection against all evil and accidents that might have occurred. Each time we travel, we claim the Lord's protection, Psalm 121:5, 78, Psalm 91 and the Lord has always been merciful and gracious to protect us. He protects us from harm, danger and accidents!

    Eddie's Second Accident

    October 12, 2007 was a hard sad day for Eddie. Eddie at this time was in Darjeeling, married and running a travel agency business from his house and had rented a small shop in town for the same. His wife, Sadhana was working in Gyanoday Nikkatan School in Darjeeling as the headmistress. The night before October 12, 2007, I woke up at 12:30 in the night and could not sleep. So I prayed, asking for the Lord's guidance for whom or for what I should pray about. Inside my heart, the Lord seemed to say, "Pray for Eddie's safety and protection." In obedience, I sat in my bed and started to pray for Eddie's protection and safety, which I continued through the next day. At that time, I was in Siliguri, working for Marbert School, an English Medium School, the oldest and most renowned school in Siliguri. At around 2 p.m. in the afternoon, I was told by the school authorities to contact Eddie. Having no idea what had happened, I called him in Darjeeling. I found out Eddie was electrocuted. The nurse, who was dressing his bleeding hand relayed the news to me that he was electrocuted by 440 volts. This news did not rattle me. A deep peace filled my heart. I knew God was in control! Eddie was then admitted in another hospital and in the evening, my wife, Lydia phoned. She could not look at his wounds and was greatly disturbed.
    The family then got the frightening news by the doctor that Eddie's hand had to be amputated! The family was shocked and could not accept that. We decided to come down to Siliguri and arrangements were made for him to be admitted to North Bengal Clinic. Throughout all this, I was still in peace, having confidence in Jesus being assured He would take care of Eddie and heal him.

    Finally, on arrival to the hospital, the doctors opened his bandages and at that moment, I realized how bad it really was and was shocked to see his wounded hands.

    The doctors set to work, trying hard to save Eddie's right hand and his fingers. Then after three days, the doctor said, "I think it is better Eddie goes to Delhi immediately to Gangaram Hospital. At this time, prayers were going up globally for Eddie, even reaching the United States. In Delhi, Eddie underwent two major surgeries and seven minor ones! It was still a blessing that his hand was saved and was not amputated though Eddie did lose part of his right thumb and parts of his ring finger! Glory be to God, he made a steady recovery. Today, he can drive his car, play the guitar and use his right hand normally. We as a family are so grateful to all our prayer partners who prayed fervently for Eddie during that time and most of all to the Lord, who cares for us and does marvelous miracles in our lives today, as He does for any believer whose heart is towards Him. Jesus is our great Healer and protector who does miracles beyond what we imagine...

    Down the Road

    I am still working and serving the Lord in Siliguri, UCNI Church, (United Church of North India). After 32 years of being diabetic and on insulin, the Lord has kept me going on. Sometimes people are healed by a direct intervention of God, and on other occasions, God does heal with medications In John 9:6, Jesus healed a man born blind! Jesus spat on the ground and made a paste with his saliva and put it on his eyes and sent him to wash it in the Pool of Siloam, which means "sight" and he came back seeing.

    "The Lord uses both means of healing. Jesus did not reprimand him for being a doctor. We can only thank God for His mercy and grace in our lives.

    I would like a share a few thoughts: "The Lord wants us to have that close fellowship with Him, Jeremiah 33:3. says "Call unto Me, and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know!" The Lord wants His children to call and communicate and have that close fellowship with Him. He wants to reveal things to His children

    Wind and Fire!

    It was in the year 2000, and there was a revival meeting to be held in the Kausom Sandyang Memorial Church, Nobgaon, Doars. They were to preach there and Reverend Enosh, Reverent Sukh and I. I had never preached in a revival meeting before, so I prayed asking God what I should preach about. It was a three-day meeting. One night after the meeting, I had a vivid dream. It was of a river flowing, pillars of the bridge were on both sides but the bridge itself was missing. After praying, the Lord revealed that there was a broken relationship there in the church. So, I prepared a sermon for repentance and forgiveness. I then had a second dream where I saw wine glass arranged in rows on a table, but the glasses were all empty.

    In the last night of the meeting, Reverend Enosh was preaching and I told him about the two dreams. So at the altar call, people came forward and during the prayer time, this was my first experience of the Holy Spirit coming upon believers. A great repentance fell on the people. All of a sudden, they spoke in tongues, different languages, praising God, Some people were crying and the whole church was filled with a very powerful cleansing presence, the Lord was in the church, manifesting His presence mightily. I felt an awesome Presence touching me and I was blessed and enriched by that encounter. The dream of the empty wine glasses was clear, the wine was the Holy Spirit and He now filled the church members and touched their lives to a richer level and their cups were now full and not empty.

    From that day on wards, the church has expanded and they had to construct a new church building. As in the book of Acts 2:47…all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved. The church always grows when the Holy Spirit of God is at work and not man!

    I had the opportunity to attend the church's 25th Silver Jubilee. It is a transformed church who honor and praise God in His glory. Now, they have a sister church in Bakrakote in the Dooars. Indeed, God is doing wonders among His people, miracles happen in the mountains and in the plains when He is present!

    "Try to live a holy, God-fearing life I Peter 1:15 "But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do and lastly, never forget to read your Bible daily and pray. May God bless you!"

    Elder Richard Tamang

    About Elder Richard Tamang: Today, Elder Richard faithfully serves the Lord, who has protected him from many accidents and harm and strengthens him. Elder Richard is a testimony that God truly watches over His children and protects them. Presently, Elder Richard along with a group of others pray much for the needs of people. Cancers are healed, the terminally ill and dying are cured and many wonderful answers to prayers are heard, broken families restored, and people praying for marriage partners have experienced a wonderful person added to their lives! Because of people like Elder Richard, today there is a revival over Darjeeling and Siliguri, a revival is flowing through these areas and hundreds of people are turning to the Lord in belief. You can read more about it in true stories "The Hills Are Alive."

    Also, Elder Richard's mother became a believer of Jesus Christ while she was in England, as well as his step-father became a believer of Jesus Christ before he passed away. His mother passed away recently in England in her 80s. God was faithful to answer Elder Richard's prayers for his parents!

    Only God is the true, converter of a human soul. No human can convert anyone. It is God's Spirit to a human's spirit that converts.

    © Richard Tamang, Darjeeling, Siliguri, India

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