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A comprehensive portrayal searching the viable foundation for complete womanhood as Proverbs 31 tells us. This provoking ebook dissects the disorder and chaos that follows women who are out of touch with their spirit and their connection with God, also relating simple truths to everyday living, in a level of censorship and discipleship which is dutifully presented to bring a fresh reality to the spirit, soul, and mind of women today. Beautifully illustrated with the womans' heart in mind.


In behalf of all Believers near & far the small ebook is dedicated to you each. Inspired to believe in its truest sense is to be convinced by trust, confidence, honesty, & truthfulness & then to accept & give place to in our lives.


Here is an insightful daily guide for everyone seeking renewed spiritual strength. Each daily insight is a spiritual exercise infused with qualities that specifically nurture on the spot, spiritual growth. Spiritually speaking as we are challenged in our lives, we need to exercise our spirit so that we have the vital spiritual strength to navigate all the hills and valleys we face. This ebook is a valued resource for all Christians who are looking for a renewed spiritual strenth and renewed oneness with God.


Presented for you a short beautifully illustrated ebook focused upon our faith in Jesus Christ. Such faith is vital to our walk and becomes our daily expression. Our faith is received in life and becomes our life to be lived as we prayerfully commune with our Lord. Faith builds each day as we acknowledge our dependence & love of Christ. Such faith stirs as you read through this ebook and will leave you knowing a faith that is alive daily within you.


Each high quality ebook it a thoughtful selection of delightful poetry & scripture themed artistic writings that you will not want to miss and they are all free to each of our AWFSM Subscribers. Just click the title link & save to your pc or iphone. Blessings to you each & thank you!

Just A Thought

Plain, simple, & to the point - made explicit to provoke an inner response from each reader.

Simply Said

Each thought is a perspective into a moment of time & into a spiritual awareness in life.

Saying It Again

I hope these mindful short writings - full of simple inspirations - will not be discarded lightly.

Like I Was Saying

Hopefully these inspirational words will stealthily imprint upon your soul to become a pleasant resource in thoughtful contemplations.

Enough Said

Thank you so much for taking an interest in this small ebook & I hope some pure inspiration reaches out to you.

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