57,000-Year-Old Mummified Wolf Pup Discovered in Canadian Permafrost
BY: IBRAHIM SAWAL ... A wolf pup thought to have lived about 57,000 years ago and found perfectly preserved in Canadian permafrost has provided researchers with a wealth of information about its life and the ecology of the species … continue reading

Are Birds the Reason You Feel Good in Nature?
BY: MARY JO DILONARDO ... There have been many studies that show being in nature is good for your health. Walking in the woods boosts your well-being. Living near trees can help you live longer. Being around water can improve your mood. But when you go for a walk in the woods … continue reading

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Was a Record Breaker
BY: JAMES H. RUPPERT JR. ... It was clear before the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season started that it was going to be busy . Six months later, we’re looking back at a trail of broken records , and the storms may still not be over even though the season officially ended on Nov. 30. This season had the most named storms, with 30 … continue reading

Ate Any Clams Recently? You’ve Might Have Also Had a Side of Microplastics
BY: FERMIN KOOP ... Scientists found microplastics in razor clams from the coast of Washington ... Whether we realize it or not, microplastics are creeping into every place and organism in the world. These very small pieces of plastic are all over the place, with scientists finding them even in the most remote … continue reading

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Breaks 12-Year Record
BY: FERMIN KOOP ... Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon breaks 12-year record, as administration focuses on industry --- A total 4,281 square miles of forest were cleared in the 12 months leading to August.Despite the pandemic, deforestation … continue reading

Trees Talk to Each Other & Recognize Their Offspring
BY: DEREK MARKHAM ... While it's not news that a variety of communication happens between non-human elements of the natural world, the idea of mycelia (the main body of fungi, as opposed to the more well-known … continue reading

Wearing Futuristic Protective Suits, Washington State Crews Destroy First US Murder Hornet Nest
BY: AP/Design You Trust ... Heavily protected crews worked in Washington state on Saturday to destroy the first nest of so-called murder hornets discovered in the United States. The state agriculture department spent weeks searching, trapping and using dental floss to tie tracking devices to Asian giant hornets, which can deliver painful stings to people and spit venom but are the biggest threat to honeybees farmers depend … continue reading

Eco-Friendly Wind Turbines Piling Up At Landfills
BY: KIT DANIELS ... Blades for wind turbines, which the Biden Campaign has touted as “clean energy,” are piling up at landfills because they can’t easily be crushed, repurposed or recycled. To demonstrate the size of a typical blade. Because of their sheer size, worn-out blades are cut into three pieces and buried 30-feet deep at a landfill … continue reading

This Is What the Sixth Mass Extinction Looks Like & Here's Why You Should Care
BY: AMAN AZHAR ... Unhealthy ecosystems jeopardize our ability to meet our most basic needs: Water, food, medicine, clean air. There is no one on the planet this doesn’t impact. And loss of biodiversity hurts the poorest the most. Away from the buzz of endless news cycles, political chatter, and self-styled punditry, the natural world is quietly experiencing the sixth mass extinction of species … continue reading

New Catalyst Mimics Natural Processes To Break Down Plastics
BY: NATURALBLAZE ... While plastics recycling is not new science, current processes don’t make it economically worthwhile– waste plastics get “down-cycled” into lower grade, less useful material. It’s a challenge that continues to be an obstacle in tackling a growing global pollution crisis in single use plastics. A multi-institutional team … continue reading

MIT Develops Solar-Powered System That Extracts Drinkable Water From 'Dry' Air
BY: MIT ... A prototype of the new two-stage water harvesting system (center right), was tested on an MIT rooftop. The device, which was connected to a laptop for data collection? and was mounted at an angle to face the sun, has a black solar collecting plate at the top, and the water it produced flowed into two tubes … continue reading

9 Ways that SOCIALISM Will Morally Bankrupt America
BY: THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION ... 1. Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless, and community-focused, 2. Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record, and 3. Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges … continue reading

The Rush to Patent, Control, Profit From the Coronavirus Dates Back to 1999, Implicates the CDC, Dr. Fauci
BY: LANCE D JOHNSON ... The rush to patent, control and profit from coronaviruses dates back to 1999 and implicates the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and virus researchers such as Ralph Barrick and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leader of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) who helped drive the U.S. into a spin cycle of shutdowns, behavioral controls, and restricted liberties that all lead to one controlling end: mandatory, experimental vaccinations for every person by 2021 … continue reading

Smart Dust
BY: MAIZE. ... Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli. In 1965, Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, predicted that the number of components that could fit on a single chip could double every 2 years … continue reading

Why Hundreds of Millions of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Will Soon Be Released in Florida
BY: KASHMIRA GANDER ... Hundreds of millions of genetically engineered mosquitoes will soon be released in Florida, in a first for the U.S. On Tuesday, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) approved plans to release the insects, who do not bite, as part of a pilot project launching next year … continue reading

Scientist Find Microplastics Inside Human Organs
BY: VICTOR TANGERMANN ... Bits of microplastics are showing up inside human tissues, according to new research. A team from Arizona State University found nanoplastic particles in all 47 samples of a variety of human organs, including lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. “You can find plastics contaminating the environment … continue reading

4 Reasons to Repair Instead of Recycling or Replacing
BY: MELISSA BREYER ... 4 reasons to repair instead of recycling or replacing, it's time to jump off the consumption train and embrace the art of repair. Mending, darning, patching, painting, rewiring, gluing – we used to be a people of repair, of resourcefulness, of taking pride in our ability to tinker and the longevity of our things. Nowadays? Not so much. We may try to recycle, but that's an imperfect science at best ; most of all, we just toss and replace … continue reading

With 194 BILLION Masks & Gloves Used Monthly - New Wave of Pollution Hits Oceans & Beaches
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... A new, sad side effect of the pandemic is millions of pieces of discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) that is littering the planet in shocking ways. When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world earlier this year, plunging much of the world into lockdown conditions, it seemed that nature was finally being given a major breather – so much so that breathless stories spread across the world about animals taking back their environs, along with memes and social media posts about how “the earth is healing" … continue reading

It's Raining Plastic, Literally
BY: FERMIN KOOP ... Tons of microplastics are raining down on US national parks. More than 1,000 tons of microplastics, which would be enough to make 300 million water bottles, are deposited every year by wind and rain on national parks and protected areas in the United States. The new study casts light on an alternative movement of microplastics that has been overlooked … continue reading

Is this Event More "Signs In the Heavens" Pointing to the Soon Return of the Lord?
BY: RICKY SCAPARO ... A prominent Christian evangelist is warning that there are signs in the Heavens that point to the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Pastor Paul Begley, The Bible states that the return of Jesus Christ in the end days will herald great changes across the face of the planet and though no man knows the day or the hour it will strike … continue reading

Coronavirus: Before & After - How Lockdown Has Changed Smog-Filled Skylines
BY: CHRIS ROBERTSON ... The fall in air and road travel globally has meant pollution levels have plummeted, with photos revealing cleaner air in cities. The Italian Alps are now visible above Milan thanks to the lack of pollution levels. Before and after photographs from around the world have shown the effect the almost-global lockdown is having on pollution levels … continue reading

This Mutant Bacterial Enzyme Could Recycle Plastic Bottles In Just Hours
BY: ANTHONY MCLENNAN ... It’s one of the biggest challenges facing humanity: how to stop the tide of plastic pollution that is suffocating our planet. Now, a French company called Carbios has developed a mutant enzyme formula which can break down plastic into a pristine recyclable form in only a few hours. Convenient, lightweight and offering greater profit than other products … continue reading

Locust Plague Up to 20 Times Worse Than Last Wave Could Devastate Parts of Africa and Middle East
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... Locust swarms have already ravaged countries like South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. East Africa is currently bracing itself for a plague of locusts that could be up to 20 times larger than the already historic swarms that blighted regional crops and spilled over into neighboring countries earlier this year. The billions of insects comprised one of the worst locust outbreaks in roughly 70 years, darkening skies, ravaging key food sources, and consuming … continue reading

Following Record Rainfall, Sea of Galilee Overflows: ‘An Omen of Messiah’s Arrival’
BY: ADAM ELIYAHU BERKOWITZ ... Pour down, O skies, from above! Let the heavens rain down victory! Let the earth open up and triumph sprout Yes, let vindication spring up: I Hashem have createdit.” Isaiah 45:8 (The Israel Bible™) The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) continues to rise as rain continues to fall in Israel, rising six centimeters over the weekend, bringing its level to 209 meters below sea level and just 20 centimeters below the upper red line signaling that the lake is full. The lake is currently at the highest level it’s been since 2004. Yonatan Dadon of Radio 2000, an Orthodox Hebrew language broadcaster, interviewed Rabbi Yaakov Zissholtz on his weekly Melaveh Malkah program in February … continue reading