BY: KAREN HAO ... Hundreds of scientists around the world are working together to understand one of the most powerful emerging technologies before it’s too late. On May 18, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced an impressive new tool: an AI system called LaMDA that can chat to users about any subject … continue reading

BY: FASTCO WORKS ... Its ability to tackle complex, “unsolvable” problems is mind-bending—and it’s at our doorstep. It used to be that geeks bragged of computers’ sheer speed—clock rates and teraflops—but the machines of tomorrow will be measured in volume. In March, Honeywell unveiled the world’s highest-performing quantum computer, the System Model H1, which boasts an … continue reading

BY: MATTHEW HUTSON ... in June 2020, a new and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) began dazzling technologists in Silicon Valley. Called GPT-3 and created by the research firm OpenAI in San Francisco, California, it was the latest and most powerful in a series of ‘large language models’: AIs that generate fluent streams of text after imbibing billions of words from books, articles … continue reading

BY: LUCAS ROPEK ... In what may be a first-of-its-kind operation, the FBI recently accessed private servers across the United States, ostensibly to delete malware that had previously been installed by foreign hackers. The FBI targeted this unique digital clean-up at servers running the vulnerability-ridden … continue reading

Waymo Begins Robo-Taxi Tests in San Francisco
BY: KYLE WIGGERS ... Waymo today announced that it has begun limited rider testing with employee volunteers in San Francisco to gather feedback and improve its robo-taxi technology. It’s the first expansion of the Alphabet subsidiary’s ride-hailing service beyond the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, where Waymo launched its first commercial driverless taxi service … continue reading

Amazon’s New CEO Is Shaping How the Military Uses Killer Robots
BY: DAVE GERSHGORN ... Andy Jassy is a member of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence July 1, Amazon will have a new CEO. Andy Jassy, who is replacing Jeff Bezos, helped build the company’s cloud business from scratch, cementing its servers as a cornerstone of the internet … continue reading

Seven Technologies to Watch in 2021
BY: ESTHER LANDHUIS ... COVID considerations unsurprisingly dominate the tech developments that could have a big impact in the coming year. This year looks to be a promising one for technology development … continue reading

‘Hackers’ Broad Attack Sets Cyber Experts Worldwide Scrambling to Defend Networks
BY: REUTERS & ALGEMEINER STAFF ... Suspected Russian hackers who broke into US government agencies also spied on less high-profile organizations, including groups in Britain, a US internet provider and a county government in Arizona, according to web records and a security source … continue reading

‘You Have 15 Seconds to Comply’: NYPD says New Robotic Cop Dog Will ‘Save Lives’ as Netizens Warn of Sci-Fi Dystopia
BY: RT ... The NYPD has unveiled a new dog-like robot it says it will use to fight crime and “save lives,” but some netizens see the gadget as another step toward high-tech tyranny, reminiscent of dystopias from ‘RoboCop’ to ‘Black Mirror’. Dubbed the “Digidog,” … continue reading

This AI Can Tell Which Instagram Photos Are Edited
BY: MIHAI ANDREI ... The future is here: it's AI versus the Gram. While the world is legitimately worried about deepfakes and other clever manipulations , one form of manipulation has been around for ages: Photoshop. We all know that magazine photos are often cleverly edited … continue reading

What is an Algorithm? How Computers Know What to do With Data
BY: JORY DENNY ... Computer algorithms can involve complicated math, but the concept of an algorithm is simple. The world of computing is full of buzzwords: AI, supercomputers, machine learning, the cloud, quantum computing and more. One word in particular is used throughout computing – algorithm … continue reading

Designer Uses AI To Bring 54 Roman Emperors To Life
BY: ROBBY BERMAN ... It's hard to stop looking back and forth between these faces and the busts they came from. A quarantine project gone wild produces the possibly realistic faces of ancient Roman rulers. A designer worked with a machine learning app to produce the images. It's impossible to know if they're accurate, but they sure look plausible … continue reading

Smart Dust
BY: MAIZE. ... Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli. In 1965, Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, predicted that the number of components that could fit on a single chip could double every 2 years … continue reading

US Army is Developing Self-Healing & Shape-Shifting Material
BY: STACY LIBERATORE ... US Army is developing self-healing and shape-shifting material that could lead to 'Terminator-style' drones which morph to adapt to new threats. The US Army is pulling inspiration from the popular film 'Terminator 2' in designing material capable of shape-shifting and autonomously healing … continue reading

‘Smart’ Face Mask From Japan Translates 8 Languages, Boosting Communication in ‘New Normal’
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... Engineers have designed a smart facial mask that can help not only amplify voices, but can also translate speech into eight different languages. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow with no end in sight in the foreseeable future, face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives … continue reading

Japan’s Life-Size, Fully Functional 55,000-pound Gundam is Now Complete
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... Japan’s life-size, fully functional 55,000-pound Gundam is now complete Late last month, footage emerged of Japan’s full-sized Gundam robot testing the functionality of its legs in the Port of Yokohama which lies near Tokyo. Late last month, footage emerged of Japan’s full-sized Gundam robot … continue reading

Google Developing Tattoos That Turn Skin Into Touchpad; Researchers Developing Skin-drawn Monitor
BY: AARON KESEL ... Google announced that its working on developing the next futuristic technology beyond smartphones — tattoos that turn the user … continue reading

I've Worn Alexa-enabled Glasses For Two Weeks. They're Driving Me Bananas
BY: GEOFFREY A. FOWLER ... What do you call it when there's a little voice in your head only you can hear? A hallucination? Amazon calls it progress. I've been living with its latest talking artificial intelligence product, called the Echo Frames, for two weeks. They're glasses with tiny speakers and a microphone … continue reading

China Stole Technology to Build a 3-Pronged High Tech Weapon System That Could Take Down the US Power Grid
BY: LANCE D JOHNSON... TA shocking report from the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security warns that China now has control of a 3-pronged high tech weapon system could easily take down the US power grid. The 3-prong weapon system includes technology stolen from the U.S., and encompasses a network of satellites … continue reading

Clearview AI May Be Illegal In EU Watchdog Says
BY: AARON KESEL ... The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) said that the use of Clearview artificial intelligence by law enforcement would “likely not be consistent with the EU data protection regime.” The board added that it “has doubts as to whether any Union or Member State law provides a legal basis for using a service … continue reading

Brookings: Whoever Wins The AI Race Will Rule The World
BY: INDERMIT GILL ... It will not be the intelligence of men who will run the future world, but rather an artificial intelligence programmed to create a global Scientific Dictatorship. This is the nature and future of Technocracy. The Brookings Institution is an old-line establishment think-tank closely aligned … continue reading

This Story on Smartphone Tracking is the “Most Important Article You Should Read Today" Period
BY: JESSICA CORBETT ... The New York Times on Thursday sparked calls for congressional action by publishing the first article … continue reading

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