BY: JESSICA LEE ... A group of doctors researched the effect of Earth's gravitational pull on the human cardiovascular system. Claim - A 2021 study found astronaut Scott Kelly's heart shrank by 27% over the course of roughly one year in space … continue reading

Scientists Looking for Alien Life are Intrigued by a Weird Radio Ssignal From a Nearby Star
BY: MATTHEW ROZSA / SALON ... Scientists at an Australian observatory have been studying a radio signal that appears to originate in Proxima Centauri, the star closest to the sun, to see if it may be a sign of intelligent life … continue reading

Smart Dust
BY: MAIZE. ... Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli. In 1965, Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel, predicted that the number of components that could fit on a single chip … continue reading

Scientist Find Microplastics Inside Human Organs
BY: VICTOR TANGERMANN ... Bits of microplastics are showing up inside human tissues, according to new research. A team from Arizona State University found nanoplastic particles in all 47 samples of a variety of human organs, including lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys. “You can find plastics contaminating the environment … continue reading

After the Rapture - Left Behind
BY: EDITOR ... What happens to life on planet earth after the 'Rapture' has been talked about, debated, given to fiction & nonfiction; but almost certainly never discussed at the dinner table. Talking about life after the 'Rapture' makes many people uneasy & usually ends up upsetting the reader or listerner or simply boring … continue reading

Astronomers Record Signal Coming From Deep Space Every 157 Days
BY: VICTOR TANGERMANN ... Scientists can't explain these mysterious signals from space — but they're trying. A team of astronomers have discovered a new “fast radio burst” (FRB) signal, Space.com reports — mysterious flashes of millisecond-wave energy,coming from distance space, that repeat every 157 days. The signal, dubbed … continue reading

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