BY: CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND NEWS ... Radical leftists are coming for your kids. They’ve openly admitted it numerous times. And a shocking report shows the radical brainwashing toy manufacturers are doing. Investigative journalist James O’Keefe exposed more ideological corruption taking place within major institutions … continue reading

BY: BRYAN LUFKIN ... If the pandemic has taught us anything about work, it's that we don't need to be pulling long hours in an office to be productive. So, why is presenteeism still so important? It's almost hard to imagine a time in which people spent at least 40 hours a week in a physical office … continue reading

BY: INFOWARS.COM ... Critical race theory "is a nightmare for our children and it needs to end now," she tells Douglas County School District. A mother slammed a Colorado school board for pushing critical race theory into the school’s … continue reading

BY: SIMON URWIN ... The fortified cities on the fringes of the sahara. In Africa's largest nation, residents of five ancient cities are going to great lengths to protect and preserve their traditional way of life … continue reading

BY: ABBY BUDIMAN & NEIL G. RUIZ ... Asian Americans recorded the fastest population growth rate among all racial and ethnic groups in the United States between 2000 and 2019. The Asian population in the U.S. grew 81% during that span, from roughly 10.5 million to a record 18.9 million, according to a Pew Research Center … continue reading

Brand Formerly Known as Aunt Jemima Reveals New Name
BY: SAMANTHA KUBOTA ... The brand formerly known as Aunt Jemima finally has a new name: Pearl Milling Company. In a statement released on Tuesday, PepsiCo, which owns the Quaker Oats brand, explained the story behind the new name … continue reading

‘Giant Steps’: Netanyahu Hails 7 Agreements Signed in Bahrain
BY: WORLD ISRAEL NEWS STAFF & AP ... The prime minister “welcomed the first flight from Israel to Bahrain,” and said that it was a “continuation of the breakthrough toward peace,” according to an official statement. On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by telephone with Bahraini Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif … continue reading

The Real Pandemic Gap Is Between the Comfortable and the Afflicted
BY: LIBBY WATSON ... Beneath society’s plutocratic layer, America is not as united in the face of crisis as we like to pretend. The stories from the front lines of this country’s abandonment of the poor in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic are not in short supply … continue reading

4 Classic Disney Movies with Deep Meanings You Had No Idea About
BY: ALEXANDER NYLAND, B.A. ... Many classic Disney movies will be familiar to us all. They will have been a large part of many people’s childhood. It is glaringly obvious to see that classic Disney movies have held an important and enduring place within popular culture for most of the last century … continue reading

9 Ways that SOCIALISM Will Morally Bankrupt America
BY: THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION ... 1 Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless, and community-focused, 2. Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record, and 3. Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges … continue reading

Emiratis welcome Israelis to the UAE in Hebrew
BY: LAUREN MARCUS ... Emirati Khalifa Al-Makhmoud speaks in a Hebrew language video aimed at Israelis. Young Emiratis speaking in Hebrew welcome Israelis to visit the UAE in a Hebrew language video … continue reading

Facebook Leads Users to Holocaust Denial Pages - Watchdog Says
BY: BENJAMIN KERSTEIN ... Watchdog group discovers Facebook algorithms directing users to Holocaust denial content. Facebook’s search algorithms routinely send people to content denying the Holocaust, a new investigation by a UK-based watchdog organization has found … continue reading

After the Rapture - Left Behind
BY: EDITOR ... What happens to life on planet earth after the 'Rapture' has been talked about, debated, given to fiction & nonfiction; but almost certainly never discussed at the dinner table. Talking about life after the 'Rapture' makes many people uneasy & usually ends up upsetting the reader or listerner or simply boring … continue reading

Lebanon Was Torn Apart by a Civil War and the U.S. is Going Down a Similar Path
BY: VIGILANT CITIZEN ... In 1975, Lebanon descended into a violent civil war that destroyed this once vibrant and prosperous country. Here’s how the U.S. is following in its footsteps. 45 years ago, a horrific civil war broke out in Lebanon. My parents, like millions of other Lebanese people, fled the country, looking for a better life … continue reading

Book burning at HBO!
BY: JOHN NOLTE ... THBO Max Blacklists ‘Gone With the Wind’ - The Woke Taliban have won HBO Max announced on Tuesday it is blacklisting Gone With the Wind (1939), and with it, Hattie McDaniel’s performance for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar of 1940. McDaniel was not only the first black actor or actress … continue reading

Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Pushing Mass Transit Systems to the Brink & Low-income Riders Will Pay the Price
BY: RAMYA VIJAYA ... Mass transit ridership in Los Angeles and elsewhere has plummeted during the crisis. Low-income Americans have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. They may also get left behind in the recovery. Steep declines in ridership during the crisis have pushed public transit systems across the U.S. … continue reading

More Than 8-in-10 Americans Call Mass Migration a ‘Threat’ to U.S.
BY: JOHN BINDER ... More than eight-in-ten American adults call mass migration at least a “threat” to the United States, a survey finds. The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that the overwhelming majority of Americans see the mass migration of people from one country to another as a threat in the midst … continue reading

Jews Continue Coming Home at Increasing Rates
BY: MICHAEL SELUTIN ... Israel is a land of immigration, and it’s not only waves of Jews returning to their ancient homeland. The State of Israel has taken in around 3.3 million immigrants since its inception in 1948, when it had just 806,000 residents. After 1990, 43.7 percent of all immigrants … continue reading

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