What "Capitalism" Really Means
BY: LUDWIG VON MISES ...Descriptive terms which people use are often quite misleading. In talking about modern captains of industry and leaders of big business, for instance, they call a man a "chocolate king" or a "cotton king" or an "automobile king." Their use of such terminology implies that they see practically no difference … continue reading

Decoding The Economic & Contagious ‘Enigma’ Of COVID-19
BY: ANDREA GALEOTTI & PAOLO SURICO ... British mathematician Alan Turing designed the curiously named Bombe machine during the early stages of World War II. A forerunner to the computer, the Bombe was able to rapidly intercept messages, quickly decode them, and thereby allow allied forces to react within hours rather than weeks … continue reading

It’s Really Bad” — Almost One-Third Of Small Businesses In NY, NJ Have Closed
BY: TYLER DURDEN ... Here comes the next recession as nearly one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey remain closed since the virus pandemic began earlier this year. The NYPost outlines small business data from Opportunity Insights and New Jersey Business & Industry Association paint a troubling outlook … continue reading

The Real Pandemic Gap Is Between the Comfortable and the Afflicted
BY: LIBBY WATSON ... Beneath society’s plutocratic layer, America is not as united in the face of crisis as we like to pretend. The stories from the front lines of this country’s abandonment of the poor in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic are not in short supply … continue reading

9 Ways that SOCIALISM Will Morally Bankrupt America
BY: THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION ... 1. Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless, and community-focused, 2. Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record, and 3. Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges … continue reading

The ABCs of Trade: If It Can’t Be Made in America, It Should Be Made Anywhere But China
BY: ZACH MOTTL ... Tariffs are depriving Beijing of money it needs to expand brutal regime. The annual 2019 trade figures for the United States came out last week, heralding some encouraging news. America’s enormous international trade deficit actually declined slightly from 2018. This was the first decrease in six years, with the deficit in goods and services dropping 1.7%, to $616.8 billion. Better yet, America’s bilateral trade deficit with China fell for the first time in four years, dropping a hefty 17.6%, to $345.6 billion … continue reading

Locust Plague Up to 20 Times Worse
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... Locust swarms have already ravaged countries like South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. East Africa is currently bracing itself for a plague of locusts that could be up to 20 times larger than the already historic swarms that blighted regional crops and spilled over into neighboring countries earlier this year … continue reading

More Than 8-in-10 Americans Call Mass Migration a ‘Threat’ to U.S.
BY: JOHN BINDER ... More than eight-in-ten American adults call mass migration at least a “threat” to the United States, a survey finds. The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that the overwhelming majority of Americans see the mass … continue reading

Coronavirus Lockdowns are Pushing Mass Transit Systems to the Brink and Low-Income Riders Will Pay the Price
BY: RAMYA VIJAYA ... Mass transit ridership in Los Angeles and elsewhere has plummeted during the crisis. Low-income Americans have borne the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic. They may all get left behind in the recovery. Steep declines in ridership during the crisis have pushed public transit systems across the U.S. into deep financial distress. Though Congress included allocations for transit in the CARES Act … continue reading