Time Capsule 2020: The 37 Objects That Defined the Year
BY: RICHARD FISHER ... If we were to create a time capsule of objects that captured life in 2020, what might we choose? The eyes of future historians are on us now. The year 2020 has been tumultuous, disruptive, exhausting, and pivotal … continue reading

Father & Mother No More? Sweden Considers Introduction of Gender-Neutral Terms for Parents to Suit ‘Rainbow Families’
BY: RT NEWS ... Sweden is looking to revamp its Parental Code, making it more gender-neutral. The legislation, based on the traditional family, is largely obsolete because modern families “look different,” the country’s equality minister claims. Stockholm has commissioned a special inquiry … continue reading

No One is Talking About the Real Problem With Working From Home
BY: NICOLE KARLIS ... In April, a month after the pandemic hit the United States, Cliff Hodges was one of millions of small business owners teetering on the brink. Hodges, who ran a small outdoor wilderness club in Santa Cruz , California, a beach town 75 miles south of San Francisco, applied … continue reading

No One is Talking About the Real Problem With Working From Home
BY: JOSEPH GRENNY ... For decades, we’ve commonly believed the further two people were apart physically and organizationally, the lower their estimation of one another was likely to be. Our latest research at VitalSmarts suggests otherwise. The problems with work from home (WFH) don’t emerge because employees are no longer … continue reading

Report Sounds Dire Warning of Nigerian Christian Genocide
BY: JERRY PIERCE ... he wanton killing of Christians in Nigeria by extremist Muslims has been a “progressive genocide” that is growing, but with scant news coverage and a woefully inadequate response from the international community, says a report released yesterday by the Family Research Council. Titled “The Crisis of Christian Persecution in Nigeria,” the report laments the murders … continue reading

Moral Failings of Leaders Collapsed Even the Best Societies, Finds Study
BY: PAUL RATNER ... The anthropology study took a deep dive into 30 pre-modern societies and found that even those that had "good" governments were not immune to catastrophic demise. In fact, societies where the government provided goods and services and prevented drastic inequalities of wealth and power, tended to fall apart … continue reading

Life Lessons Learned in My 40’s That I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year Old Self
BY: GEORGE J. ZIOGAS ... Have you ever said words to the effect of If only I knew then what I know now? You’re not the first person to express such thoughts, and you certainly won’t be the last. Many of us are convinced that if we could go back in time and have a chat with our 20-year old selves … continue reading

Trend Reversal: Americans Flee Big Cities for Small-Town Life in Record Numbers
BY: TARA MERGENER ... Frustrated by Coronavirus restrictions and frightened by the violence popping up in US cities, many people are abandoning the cities they love for lives they hope are simpler and safer. Near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits Orange, Virginia with a population of about four thousand … continue reading

Migrant Caravans Restart as Pandemic Deepens the Humanitarian Crisis at the US-Mexico Border
BY: KATRINA BURGESS ... Members of a U.S.-bound migrant migrant caravan from Honduras have been detained in Guatemala and deported before they could reach Mexico. Though their journey was cut short, the formation of a new caravan reveals that – as in 2018 and 2019 – Central Americans are still fleeing … continue reading

The Real Pandemic Gap Is Between the Comfortable and the Afflicted
BY: LIBBY WATSON ... Beneath society’s plutocratic layer, America is not as united in the face of crisis as we like to pretend. The stories from the front lines of this country’s abandonment of the poor in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic … continue reading

4 Classic Disney Movies with Deep Meanings You Had No Idea About
BY: ALEXANDER NYLAND, B.A. ... Many classic Disney movies will be familiar to us all. They will have been a large part of many people’s childhood. It is glaringly obvious to see that classic Disney movies have held an important and enduring place within popular culture for most of the last century … continue reading

9 Ways that SOCIALISM Will Morally Bankrupt America
BY: THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION ... 1. Socialism is being marketed to young people as kind, selfless, and community-focused, 2. Many people are unaware of Socialism’s dismal record, and 3. Young people are not being taught America’s founding principles, so they are unprepared to combat the narratives they hear in their schools and colleges … continue reading

Big Pharma EXPOSED: Study of 3 Top Medical Journals Reveals That Many Medications, Medical Products & Services are Completely INEFFECTIVE<
BY: ISABELLE Z. ... If you’ve ever suspected that a medication you’re taking isn’t really doing much to improve your symptoms, it might not just be your imagination: A comprehensive study has shown that a concerning number of medications, medical products and services are simply not effective … continue reading

Facebook Leads Users to Holocaust Denial Pages - Watchdog Says
BY: BENJAMIN KERSTEIN ... Watchdog group discovers Facebook algorithms directing users to Holocaust denial content. Facebook’s search algorithms routinely send people to content denying the Holocaust, a new investigation by a UK-based watchdog organization has found … continue reading

After the Rapture - Left Behind
BY: EDITOR ... What happens to life on planet earth after the 'Rapture' has been talked about, debated, given to fiction & nonfiction; but almost certainly never discussed at the dinner table. Talking about life after the 'Rapture' makes many people uneasy & usually ends up upsetting the reader or listerner or simply boring someone to death. But, it is a topic of controversy & needs to be approached carefully & thoughtfully, but at the same time with with a nuts & bolts approach with biblical truth … continue reading

Pivot to Remote Learning
BY: CARL KURLANDER ... Many of the nation’s 57 million K-12 students will spend at least part of the 2020-2021 school year either dealing with distance learning or a hybrid model that keeps them out of classrooms several days a week. They’ll spend lots of time using teleconferencing software, with teachers either convening classes live or pre-recording lessons … continue reading

‘Smart’ Face Mask From Japan Translates 8 Languages, Boosting Communication in ‘New Normal’
BY: ELIAS MARAT ... Engineers have designed a smart facial mask that can help not only amplify voices, but can also translate speech into eight different languages. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow with no end in sight in the foreseeable future, face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives. As a result, the market for protective face coverings has exponentially grown … continue reading

Google Developing Tattoos That Turn Skin Into Touchpad; Researchers Developing Skin-drawn Monitor
BY: AARON KESEL ... Google announced that its working on developing the next futuristic technology beyond smartphones — tattoos that turn the user into a human touchpad. Meanwhile, scientists are developing something way more sinister using similar skin-drawing technology to track its wearer’s movements … continue reading

Lebanon Was Torn Apart by a Civil War and the U.S. is Going Down a Similar Path
BY: VIGILANT CITIZEN ... In 1975, Lebanon descended into a violent civil war that destroyed this once vibrant and prosperous country. Here’s how the U.S. is following in its footsteps. 45 years ago, a horrific civil war broke out in Lebanon. My parents, like millions of other Lebanese people, fled the country, looking for a better life … continue reading

The DOJ has Launched an Investigation as More Evidence Emerges That Someone is Orchestrating the Violent Riots
BY: MICHAEL SNYDER ... The Department of Justice has announced that it is attempting to determine if there is a “coordinated command and control” behind the violent riots that have erupted all over the United States. In recent days, officials all over the country have used words such as “organized” and “organizers” to describe the orchestration that they have been witnessing in their respective cities … continue reading

Indigenous in Colombia Take on Armed Groups & Coronavirus
BY: HANNA WALLIS ... Jambalo, Cauca, Colombia - Since he was a teenager, Edinson Quiguanas has helped patrol the roadside checkpoints on the outskirts of his Indigenous village in rural Colombia. This time, his orders are different: no one enters and no one leaves. "Before, we protected the community by watching for armed groups," he said. "Now the threat is something you can't see." … continue reading

Wisconsin Creamery Provides Free Milk to Community Using ‘Kindness Cooler’
BY: KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ ... A Wisconsin creamery is giving away free milk to its local community members who are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sassy Cow Creamery, located in Columbus, Wisconsin, and owned by brothers James Baerwolf and Robert Baerwolf, is keeping a refrigerator outside the creamery that is fully stocked with milk and other dairy products. The creamery has called this refrigerator “the kindness cooler” because it is available to anyone in need, and it is open until the end of the pandemic … continue reading

More Than 8-in-10 Americans Call Mass Migration a ‘Threat’ to U.S.
BY: JOHN BINDER ... More than eight-in-ten American adults call mass migration at least a “threat” to the United States, a survey finds. The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that the overwhelming majority of Americans see the mass migration of people from one country to another as a threat in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis … continue reading

How Defensive Pessimism Can Help You Cope with Anxiety
BY: SHERRIE HURD, A.A. ... Stop telling people that everything is going to be fine. Sometimes it isn’t, and this is where defensive pessimism helps us cope with that fact. Not everything in the world goes according to plan. Some things go terribly wrong. For optimists, this can be devastating. You see, optimistic people, while their happiness is usually pretty healthy, sometimes do not account for what can go wrong. With the use of defensive pessimism, individuals can accept bad outcomes … continue reading

Homesteaders, Catastrophists Run for the Hills to Flee U.S. Uncertainty
BY: CAREY L. BIRON ... Survivalists who fear a looming, urban catastrophe are swapping city life for a fresh start off grid and far from civilisation. Cheap housing, deep unease and intense resilience - all forces that are driving a clutch of Americans to swap city life for a fresh start off grid and far from civilisation. Some are survivalists, among them high fliers who fear a looming, urban catastrophe and the mayhem that might follow. Others want a greener, gentler life … continue reading

The Rise of Cults and Cult Leaders in the Last Days
BY: RICKY SCAPARO ... As we draw near to the end of the Age, One of the things the Lord warned us to watch out for would be the rise of “False Prophets” and “False Messiah’s”. Today, most of call them “Cult Leaders” or “Cults”. History has definitely given us a preview of these over the years with cult leaders that rose up and deceived many, resulting in death and destruction … continue reading

Mum Makes 12-year-old Sign 17 Rule Contract Before Allowing Him a Phone
BY: SOPHIE ROBERTS ... Do you worry about giving your child a phone? This mum set boundaries by issuing her son with rules before handing over his mobile. It can be tough for parents to decide when to give their kids phones. Many worry oo much screen time … continue reading

Why Bad Customer Service Won't Improve Anytime Soon
BY: ANTHONY DUKES AND YI ZHU ... Some of the most hated companies in the U.S. are also the most profitable. Much of this consumer resentment may stem from poor customer service. In fact, most Americans have fought with phone menus, desperately seeking a live service agent to seek a refund. In 2013, Americans spent an average of 13 hours disputing a purchase or resolving … continue reading

Why Are Kids Today Less Patriotic?
BY: BY: JANE LO ... Why are younger people not really patriotic like me? Why do kids these days not realize why they stand for the flag or the Pledge of Allegiance or the national anthem? – Kim D., age 17, Goochland, Virginia - The first bell of the day rings at a local school, and a voice blares over the intercom, asking students to rise from their seats and say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America … continue reading

24 Voices That are Warning America About What is Coming, and Most of them are Being Censored and Persecuted
BY: MIKE SYNDER ...We have reached one of the most critical points in American history, and there should literally be thousands upon thousands of voices sounding the alarm about what is coming. So where are they? This is a question that I have been pondering quite a bit lately. As you will see in this article, there are some wonderful people out there that have been trying to wake America up for a very long time … continue reading